Overview of the substation reserves

Usable capacity of transformers in covered area of a substation

< 10 MVA
< 20 MVA
< 30 MVA
> 30 MVA

Covered area of a substation

Usable capacity of transformers: MVA

Large-scale town development projects or industrial settlements all require intelligent grid planning. Are there power reserves in the area in question or does the infrastructure need to be expanded? Could the client be settled in another part of town to save time and cost? These are questions jointly faced by town planners, key industrial clients and by us - Stromnetz Hamburg.

An overview of the substation reserves in the preferred town areas is very helpful for initial evaluation of whether these areas have the necessary power reserves. This overview map is updated annually and shows the power reserves of the high-voltage grid.

By using the power reserves, time-consuming high-voltage grid expansion measures can be avoided, ensuring rapid connection to our grid. If grid connection to a region where there is no power reserve is wanted - no problem! Our obligation to provide grid connection will of course be fulfilled.